Production worker Stegeman in Wijhe

This job is no longer available
Information about the discontinued job

Stegeman is originally an artisanal butchery, and since 2008 part of the Spanish Campofrio Food Group.They are specialised in the production and packaging of processed meat products. This location, located in Wijhe close to Deventer, slices a variety of different types of meat products for sandwiches such as Salami and Ham. At this location the entire process of slicing the meat up to preparing it to be distributed to supermarkets is done.

As production worker in Wijhe you will start at the packaging division. Your responsibilities include controlling the pre-packed meat products, coming from the high-care slicing section. An important aspect of this task is to ensure that packaging standards are met, regarding closure, labelling and expiry date. You are the last controller, so always being sharp is essential. The completed products are packed, stacked on pallets and taken to the warehouse. Also, your work will be switched with the high care department, this is the area where the products are not yet packaged. This, so we can work you in to be an allround employee.